You too, can join these lucky individuals!


"Hi there,

Since I had my hip replacement done three months ago, I have become so dependent on my caretakers at the rehab. I missed buying the perfect shade of lipstick and my favorite moisturizer. One day, Health and Beauty on Wheels came by, and let me tell you, I found the perfect shade of lipstick, but more important, I felt a little more independent. I almost danced - hip replacement and all!


Cynthia Simons, Ohio"



"Dear Health and Beauty on Wheels,

Vitamin shopping for such a large amount of residents has become a huge hassle. With the amount of options available, the hassle just multiplied. Until Health and Beauty on Wheels joined us! Now, it’s all done on premises in a most efficient manner. The patience and knowledge each of their representatives convey instantly calm even the most irritable of residents.

They never made an issue when we changed the timing so many times. My residents are already looking forward to the next visit.


Greg Halley, Assisted Care Facility Administrator"

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