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About Us

Want to know About Us? Actually, it’s more About You and your clients’ needs! Whether you run an adult habilitation center or assisted care facility of any sort, your residents will delight in the innovative service Health and Beauty on Wheels brings all the way… to you!

Enable your residents to experience the convenience of a hassle-free vitamin and beauty care shopping excursion without having to step foot out of your facility. No more ordering, no more errors – we have a fleet of vans equipped with an extensive line of vitamin and beauty care products set up as a virtual shop. You can get all your residents’ vitamins and beauty care needs at once!

Nobody likes feeling like a fifth wheel, and your residents are no exception. By bringing all their vitamin and beauty needs to them, they will take an active part in their purchases. Keep them healthy, sprightly and vibrant; inside and out!  

We know that not all products are created equal… and only the most trusted and finest brands on the market make it into our collection. Be secure in the knowledge that your clients are getting only the best in care from renowned health and beauty care manufacturers.


Customer Care:

It’s convenience that’ll intrigue you at first, but it’s our unparalleled customer service team that’ll keep you coming back!

Each of our representatives has the knowledge in the geriatric and special-needs population to guide your residents in making the right choice when purchasing their health and beauty products. The professionalism and passion will make your clients feel loved and sure with their choices.

You have a schedule you don’t want to mess up? We understand, and we’ll work with you to figure out the perfect time to visit your facility. Because when we’re at the wheel, you’ve got nothing to worry about!


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